Hi everyone!

First of, Happy National Running day to all runners out there. Hope you all had fun celebrating this special day. Here’s a shot of Gu! 🙂 Cheers!

If you’re not a runner, give that runner in your life a high-five today, or at least don’t rag them about their “weirdness” posting a status on their facebook about their love for running. If National Running Day isn’t your thing, don’t fear, National Donut Day is coming up on Friday. 🙂

So, why do I run?

National Running Day

Running gives me FREEDOM!

When I run, I determine my own pace, I choose my own course and think whatever I want. Nobody tells me what to do. It’s for myself; my own freedom! 🙂

I’m not actually scheduled to run today, but since today is a special day dedicated to my favorite sport, I squeezed in 3 miles this afternoon. I ran 3 miles after doing an hour of weights class and an hour of kickboxing. So, I’m kinda a little wasted creating this post now. 😛

I was only going to attend weights class today but I felt so pumped up and ended up staying for the next class which was kickboxing. And to cap the day off, I ran 3 easy miles with my husband.

So, this was me earlier after the back-to-back workouts.

National Running Day

I feel so wasted but I had fun working out today. So, I’m off for now for my much needed rest!


Have you done back-to-back fitness classes? Do you ever stay for more than one fitness class? 

Xoxo, JOTR

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29 thoughts on “Back-To-Back

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  2. rebacox

    I do back to back classes when I need to try and really get in shape. In fact after vacation and traveling for work I need to get on that!

  3. livliveslife

    Wow, that’s a crazy amount of exercise! Go you!
    I’ve never done back-to-back classes, but I have doubled up exercises in the past, like going for a run in the morning, then a class in the evening, or two P90X workouts – a short one and a long one.

    1. Ja @Ja on the RUN Post author

      I do that too- workout in the morning, then at night. I get to have a break in between. This was the first that I had to run after a back to back class. I just couldn’t let National Running Day pass without running. Lol! 🙂

  4. Christine

    I love it – yes running is freedom isn’t it? I’ve only done back to back classes once…and that was the last of that!! It’s hard and intense for sure!

  5. thepaceofitall

    Wow you are killer! And I thought I was intense, I did 3 miles followed by the BodyPump class. I was jello after, I can’t imagine doing kickboxing on top of that!!


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