Spring, Where Are You?

Yup, this is our weather today.

Photo Mar 25, 9 44 41 AM

It’s still snowing since yesterday here. It’s supposed to snow nonstop until tomorrow night. I am desperately waiting for the spring but the winter just refuses to leave. Maybe we should send our seasons a calender so they will know when it’s time for them to make their entry. Spring, it’s really time for you to come in. 🙂

Photo Mar 25, 1 22 02 PM

So, I was under the impression it was spring. This was my attempt to do yoga on a warm sunny day. (LOL!) 🙂

Photo Mar 25, 9 35 11 AMMy husband and I were supposed to go out yesterday morning to go running. That was the plan. But this weather really drained our motivation to go outside. If it wasn’t below freezing I would so be out running. We ended up just staying home. 😦

I got bored. I couldn’t just let this weather stop me from working out! What’s a girl to do?

Play POP Pilates DVD! 🙂

Photo Mar 19, 6 34 56 PM

I really like Cassey Ho, the pilates instructor. She’s very motivating. She’s the blogger behind Blogilates. I found her You tube videos when I was looking for a good Pilates DVD. I got hooked on her videos and decided to get her POP PIlates DVD.

Photo Mar 25, 2 24 00 PM

Cassey has a very bubbly personality.  She is great at explaining the moves and motivates you to fight through the pain and burn! She does the workout so effortlessly! I am amazed at how she still manages to keep the conversation going while in those difficult moves and positions. I was like “How can she even talk doing this spider plank, LOL!”

Photo Mar 25, 2 41 05 PM

Her workouts are definitely a killer. The moves are tough which I like because I get challenged more, but, she always provides modifications. I am a bit sore right now as I type this post. I don’t mind, it only just means I had a great workout.

As she always says in her videos, “Sore today, strong tomorrow!” 🙂

If you’re looking for a fun Pilates video and at the same time challenging, this is it! I definitely recommend this DVD for all fitness levels. But for those of you who are new to Pilates, it’s better if you check out her videos for beginners first to prep you for the more intense DVD workout.

Oh, you should check out her Blogilates Shop. She’s got some cute inspirational tanks, pretty gym totes and yoga bags.

Have you done Pilates? Love it? Hate it?

Does the weather affect your motivation to exercise?

Have a great week!!!

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18 thoughts on “Spring, Where Are You?

  1. Jen @nutcaseinpoint

    Weather never effects me. Ok, that’s a lie. In the summer, I want a cold drink in my hand, and in the winter, I want to snuggle under the covers. But I know that being active has to be a constant in my life, so I push through! When I lived in Boston, I had a 10 minute walk to the gym- and making it to my friend’s 6am bootcamp in the winter was not an option, so I had to sometimes crawl through the stupid snow!

    1. Ja @Athlete Within Ja Post author

      Kudos for pushing yourself! 🙂 I love your determination. You’re right, I had to push myself a lot too during winter months. I’m excited to go run outside without having to bundle up. It finally stopped snowing! Wuhoo! 🙂

  2. Christine

    ohmygosh that “Installing Spring” picture is hilarious! I really wish that spring would show up sometime soon. I’m sick of the cold! I do love pilates but haven’t done it in a while. I’ve watched a couple of Casey’s YouTube videos but should check out more of them.

    1. Ja @Athlete Within Ja

      Wow! That’s awesome! I go to Beavercreek a lot! I watch movies at The Green. Love that place. And my favorite running store is in Dayton – Up and Running! Definitely a small world! Yay, so great to meet you here in the blogging world. 🙂

    1. Ja @Athlete Within Ja

      Yup, it’s the kind of Pilates DVD I was looking for. Other DVDs I’ve seen were like only 15mins short and are so expensive. This POP Pilates DVD is 1 hour and covers everything, very worth it for $20. 🙂


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