PV.Body Review

Last month, I signed up to this company online called PV.Body.

As I was browsing on Facebook, I saw this ad on the right that said – “Love Lululemon?” Well, heck yah!!! So I clicked it. I thought it would direct me to a designer discount site like GILT or Ideeli, but, I found myself at a site called pv.body where you can sign up for a subscription of workout clothing for $39.95 a month. They will send you two new workout clothing pieces (top and bottom) each month with a retail value of $130. I thought that’s amazing! So, I gave it a shot. Anyway, there’s an option to cancel the subscription ANYTIME.

I never tried things like this before. So, I did a little research and found this video on You Tube from this girl who signed up and made a review about it. From there, I have to say, the workout clothes she got aren’t that bad for $39.95. You know how much I love great deals on workout clothes from decent brands. So obviously, this service appealed to me.

So, I signed up, went through a short quiz about my size, what workout I do, my clothing style and I ended up being “Epic Athlete”. 🙂

Few days later, I got a bright pink package delivered right to our doorstep. It’s my pv.body package! Sweet!

I love the packaging. I actually saved it! Though I don’t know what to do with it. It’s just too cute to throw it away. 😛

Here’s what they sent me: 🙂

* workout top from ALO Sport 

* pants from NUX USA

* free pv.body top.

It came with this letter that says I still have to get a free tote which will come in separate. 🙂

I have to say, the workout clothes I got from them are cute and totally my style. I immediately tried them on and I loved them even more! 🙂

I have never heard Alo and Nux brands before. So, I checked Alo Sport tops prices online. They range from $40-60. I browsed on their products and I like how each top have unique back details. I love it!

The bottoms are priced $68 on their website. I love the fit and the feel of these pants. It has a wide waist band which is what I like for pants/leggings. It creates smooth and flattering silhouette and helps the muffin top situation. The free PVbody top fits perfect too!

Overall, I’m satisfied! It’s pretty decent for $39.95/month. I’m still hoping for a Lululemon or Lorna Jane for my next package though. Crossing my fingers!

I’m totally digging this service and looking forward for the next one. I am keeping my subscription for now and see how this thing goes. 🙂 I would definitely recommend this if you are looking to get deals on workout clothes.

*** I just read an update on their facebook page that their subscription price will increase to $49/month on December 1st, BUT will not affect already subscribed users. So act fast if you are interested! Lock yourselves in!***

If you’re interested head over to this link (http://pvbody.com/try/athleteinme) to get 20% off when you sign up.

I’d love to hear what you think after you receive your first package! Link your reviews to this post. I’m sure a lot of us are curious what others are getting from this company 🙂

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25 thoughts on “PV.Body Review

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    1. ja_ml Post author

      I saw your post about it! Glad you liked them. A lot of people are having issues with the company, hope you’re not one of them. So far, I’m lucky to have no problems with them. Hope you are too. I just got my January package today! 🙂 I’m loving it again! 🙂

      1. slowgirlfastdog

        I just got off the phone with pv.body to let them know I did receive the order but did not receive my 20% discount. They were apologetic and said they would give me a 40% discount for the error…and they would send out the tank top. Sounds like they are going through some growing pains…Which is not a bad problem to have as long as good customer service is being provided…which it is! Can’t wait for January’s shipment!

        1. Kia

          I finally after 2 months got through to someone; hve left a few VM and emails. They were very helpful but I was offered no discount. I have paid 4 months in a row and still have not received a shipment… Ever. She said she was putting 3 orders together for me and sending it out. I do hope it shows up. I think it is a really cool concept! Just a bummer that it has in no way gone smoothly for me….. Yet

          1. ja_ml Post author

            Aww Kia. I hope things will work out with your orders. I’m receiving my outfits and they are all cute. I am happy and content with them so far. No problems. I wish everyone feels the same way. I feel sorry for others who are having bad experience with company. I hope they’ll fix it soon ‘coz it’s really a fun concept.

            I wish I could help you guys but I have no direct contact with them aside from the emails. They answer to me fast.

  3. Kia

    Hi! I signed up 3 months ago, have been billed each month but still have received a package. Are you still getting yours? Kia

    1. ja_ml Post author

      I’m sorry it’s not going well with you. I hope they’ll fix it soon. Are you getting your packages now.

      Yes, so far they’re consistent with my package. Check out my reviews here.

      I just received my January package today… I liked it again! 🙂

  4. Adrianne

    I signed up for their black Friday deal. I only received my package yesterday after multiple emails and no response from them. I liked what I received, but if it happens again I will cancel.

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  6. Stephanie Penhollow

    Did your get your box the second and third months consistently? I’ve been charged three times but no package has been sent to me. I haven’t canceled because I truly want to know if this is a scam so I can legit report them. Of course you can contact their customer service repeatedly via email only, but you will not receive a return correspondence. Please let me know if you are still receiving merchandise! Thanks a ton

    1. ja_ml Post author

      Hey Stephanie,
      Yes, they’re pretty consistent with my package. I signed up last October and got 2 already. Waiting for my December package. I will definitely post what I got as soon as I receive my package. Their company is just starting but I hope they can fix the glitches soon ‘coz I think it’s a very nice concept especially to those who loves working out! 🙂

      I suggest to keep calling them. I think they have a number to call posted on their facebook. 🙂

      Hope you get yours soon! Post pics and share them here! 🙂

  7. Cheryl Murphy Durzy

    I joined in October and got the first shipment. Liked the bottoms, they were the same brand a yours…..eturned the top. Sent an email to customer service about it…no answer. No receipt for return. Was charged for my second shipment November 17. Still have not received it. Email says tracking info on web site. I am frustrated already. Great idea, but execution, at least for me, sucks so far.

    1. ja_ml Post author

      I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you. They said they’re company is just starting and having problems which is typical for new companies.

      So far, they’re pretty consistent with my package. I just got my January package today and I love it. 🙂 Will post a review soon! 🙂

    2. Kia

      +1 (855) 463-5543
      Call this number!!! You will get through! They called me from this number and I got through when I called back right away.


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