Race Day Again Tomorrow.

It’s only been 2 weeks since MudStash 5k and here I go again for another race  …TOMORROW! 🙂

I’m doing a local race called “Hudepohl 14k” together with my husband. 🙂

After all, I usually do my long runs on weekends, I thought, why not just join this race and get a medal out of it. 🙂 LOL!

But seriously, who wouldn’t get attracted to this kind of ad?! 🙂

Looks fun right?! 🙂 Race & Party, that got me right away! So, I signed up for this race since for me, it’s easier to do a workout when you’re having fun.

A while ago was packet pick-up, so my husband and I went to the pick-up place and I was so excited to see that their women’s technical shirt is in pink! Yay!

Here are some of our race goodies and we’re still getting more freebies tomorrow! 🙂

I also saw a picture of the medal that we’re getting, it’s actually pretty cool! I will definitely update you after we rock this race tomorrow.

Good night everyone!

11 thoughts on “Race Day Again Tomorrow.

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  2. Amy Lauren

    I hope the race went well! I love that pink tech shirt and that’s neat to just do the long run with this race so you get a medal and a party out of it. I’ve never done a 14K either, that’s pretty cool!

    1. jaml905 Post author

      It went well. Thank you Amy. Really appreciate it. I’m doing another half in November and this is a good training for it. A lot of runners this morning are doing this as part of their training too coz they had an upcoming half marathon next month. It turned out a good plan for us especially with the cool medal we got. Oh I can’t wait to post my update about this race. Their medal is the best I got so far! 🙂

        1. jaml905 Post author

          Thanks! Done with the race and got our functional medal! Best medal ever! 🙂 I will post an update soon. 🙂


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