Mud Run Experience – Long overdue update!

Hi readers! It’s been a week since I updated my blog. My husband and I were out-of-town for a week after the Mud-Stash. And now, I’m back! I was only updating my Facebook and Instagram the past week. Please follow me on Instagram (username: ja_ml) if you haven’t already.

So, last Saturday, Sept 8 was my first Mud Run ever!!! I had so much fun! I did it with my husband and uncle. Our time slot was at 9:30 am. We got to the place around 8:30 am to check in at the registration area, get ready, take pictures and walk around the place before the race. 🙂

According to the Obstacle Course Ranking, Mud-stash is one of those races you have to check out. They ranked it as their Top 7 best obstacle course. Although, they described it as not as difficult compared to other obstacles races like Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash – where you crawl under live electric wires (I’m glad, we don’t have that! Thank you!), still, the race was difficult for me. Or maybe, that’s just me since I was a newbie. I hope it gets easier the next time I sign up. Yes, I’m definitely doing it again!

Honestly, I had a hard time in some of the obstacles but I made sure to complete and do everything! I’m not really a fan of heights and I have to admit that some of the obstacles freaked me out a bit, but I learned to calm myself down during the process. I didn’t let myself think too much about the height factor. I just concentrated on where my feet were going. I did the obstacles slowly (and carefully), but surely 🙂 I wanted to survive the race with a smile on my face and injury free.

It rained the past few days and that morning before the race. The rain made the course really muddy and slippery! It made it tougher to climb up and down the hills and hold on to the ropes. The venue is a ski resort during winter, so I already expected slippery hillssssss during the course. Hills were endless!!!

Some of the pictures below are clips from our video. These pictures are just some of the highlights during the race. My husband recorded our mudrun with his Contour GPS video camera. He strapped the video camera on to his head and recorded the whole thing while doing the race. You can watch our video here.

We called our team “The Three Mud-Skeeters” 🙂

The atmosphere was so much fun! Music was blaring from huge speakers. They set up the place where the spectators watch from the deck of the Main Lodge. This gave them a nice view of the participants crawling through the mudpit. 🙂 From the deck, you pretty much can see some of the obstacles. I thought that was a cool idea. They also had a stage set up for the band and host beside the mudpit.
Next picture was one of the obstacles – it’s called Ice Pit. We saw it being filled up with buckets of ice before the race. That’s going to be cold!
These are some of the obstacles that you can see from the deck.
Crawl through Pipes.
Slip n’ slide.
Cargo Net Climb.
Barrel Bash.
I wasn’t able to count how many obstacles we had in total. There were a lot of mud pits and streams that we had to cross. I tried doing all of the obstacles but I fell on the monkey bars after one swing. I had to pass on that. LOL.
That’s me waving at the camera, still happy, so clueless :), and all smiles before the race.
There were duct tapes available at the starting line. They encouraged the participants to duct tape their shoes but I skipped it. Anyway, I made sure I tied my shoe laces really really tight.
At gun time, we let other people go ahead of us first. We waited for about 5 minutes before crossing the start line so we don’t have to wait in line for the obstacles.
And the hills begin…
Some random container that we had to pass through.
Deep mud ahead!
My husband and I got STUCK! LOL! 🙂 Not bad for our first obstacle. 🙂 The mud was very sticky. I thought my shoe would come off. I was freaking out in my head. People from the deck were watching & cheering for us. I had no choice but to survive. LOL!
We made it through, eventually.
…crawled through pipes
… ran through mud pits
…muddy creeks
…more hills
…more creeks
…and more hills
…climbed on cargo nets
…ran through heavy barrels
…endless hills
Water Mist. This was my favorite part. 🙂
We were washed clean and cooled off at the same time.
This was the part where my legs started to cramp up. We had to make big steps going up this steep hill and through logs.
Some of the participants rested for a bit. I feel their pain. This part was hard!
…going down through ropes to the stream
…and climbing back up again
You’ll see beautiful views once you made it to the top. 🙂
They called this “Jacob’s Ladder”
Off to the Cable Bridge where an official photographer was waiting. 🙂
Our first crawl through a mudpit. 🙂
…more mud pits
This was a long walk through a stream that goes deep up to your chest at the end.
…balanced through those beams
Here comes the part I have been waiting for, the dreadful monkey bars. LOL!
We had to swing on 16 bars. But, after my first swing, I fell to the muddy ground. LOL! 🙂
They called this the “Lilly Bads”. I love this obstacle. I had fun doing this. It was quite hard to balance on those but I was able to cross without falling in the water. 🙂
Almost at the final leg of the race. Few more obstacles to go.
One last uphill to the Slip N’ Slide.
It was so much fun! I felt like a kid again. 🙂
In the Ice Pit. Brrr.
One last MUD PIT!!! This one was tough. It was like your stuck in a quick sand. It was really a challenge because I was already tired from all the running through the hills. To top it all, the spectators were just right there above watching, so I really had no choice but to drag myself out. LOL! I loved it though. 🙂
…off to the last obstacle
One more obstacle to go! 🙂
I MADE IT! 🙂 One Mud Run under my belt!
They provided a pre-rinse station at the finish area.
They also provided Mobile Shower Trailers with hot water which I thought was awesome! This event was so organized!
I’m glad I signed up for this. This is something beyond my comfort zone, probably beyond my physical means but I loved every minute of it! Never thought I would do something crazy like this. It unleashed the sporty side of me. Definitely worth the experience! 🙂
Our medals look so cool, by the way.
…and so are our souvenir shirts which I will have to show on my next post. I plan on wearing the shirt on my next kickboxing class. 🙂 I’ll post a picture soon. 🙂
I had a blast and I am so thankful my husband was there to run it with me! He is awesome!
He did a great job too 🙂

I am hoping for more races like this for me in the future! 🙂 I tell you, I’M ALL IN!

25 thoughts on “Mud Run Experience – Long overdue update!

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  6. ellafriberg

    Looks like this was a great mudrun! The one I did (Dirty Girl) was fun, but I’ll definitely look for something a little more competitive next time. 🙂

    1. jaml905 Post author

      It was fun! Yup, if you’re up for a more challenging obstacle run (and at the same time still fun), go for something like this. I’m thinking of signing up for Warrior Dash next time. 🙂 Goodluck with your future races. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Pingback: Race Day Again Tomorrow. | Athlete in Me

    1. jaml905 Post author

      Thank you. 🙂 Hardcore?! I was really freaking out deep inside. Lol! But, I’ll take it! LOL! Thanks again! 🙂

      I love your profile picture by the way. So pretty. 🙂

  8. ZekeRunning

    Great run!!! Way to step beyond your comfort zone. You have inspired me to look for one of these near me now. How long was the course? Keep up the great running…and blogging!

    1. jaml905 Post author

      Wow. Thanks. Really means a lot to me that I got you inspired to do this. 🙂 It is fun! You will not regret it. The race I did was only 5k. I know they are other races that have longer course. I think Tough Mudder is 10k. Not really sure.

      Have fun!!! Please share your mud run pictures too. 🙂 Happy Running! 🙂

    1. jaml905 Post author

      Thank you for reading. Glad you appreciate the pictures too. 🙂 I thought of putting a lot of pics ‘coz I really want to share the cool obstacles they had. I really enjoyed it. I’ve always hated getting dirty but I never thought getting muddy is fun. Lol. Have a great day!

        1. jaml905 Post author

          I think you will be fine. We were told at the beginning of the race that if you think you can’t do an obstacle, (like in your case maybe, crawling inside pipes) you can always skip it. Personal safety comes first. Just make sure your mouth is not wide open when you crawl in the mud. LOL. Some people wear goggles too to avoid mud in their eyes. My husband wears contact lenses, he didn’t wear goggles and had no problems with it. 🙂

  9. Amy Lauren

    I love all the pictures- it looks like you had a great time at the mud run. Like you I think it sounds fun because this isn’t one where you have to crawl under live wires or other crazy stuff, but the obstacles definitely add another challenge instead of ONLY running. Glad to read your recap and I hope you’re resting up after the run!

    1. jaml905 Post author

      Thanks Amy. I had a great time! It’s a first and will never be my last that’s for sure. 🙂 I conquered my fear in some of the obstacles. I enjoyed it!
      Yup no live wires that will electricute me. That’s scary. Lol. 🙂
      My husband & I had a one week vacation out of town after the race. Now I’m back to running and working out again. I have a race this weekend but just a short one. It’s called Hudepohl 14k. Looks fun so I signed up. Plus I like their medal. It’s a cute bottle opener. Sweeeeeet! Thanks for dropping by Amy! Take care. 🙂


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